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Life is short, embrace Hezzy Life

Who are we?

We are Sarah and Jeremy (Jez), a married couple who have quit work and are planning on taking our new van, Hezzy, on a trip across America and Canada for a year. After that, who knows! 

What is Hezzy Life?

We started out with a simple idea, take a year out from work and do something different. We both had jobs where the work/life balance often became work/work and whilst we enjoyed the roles, we both felt we needed some time out. 

In the year or so it’s taken to plan the trip, it’s taken on a life of its own. Our ethos for the trip has always been to step out of our comfort zone and to do something new and exciting. There’s been times in the planning when we’ve wondered “are we crazy?” but we keep telling ourselves, if not now, then when? 

So from that, a new phrase was born…“Life is short, embrace Hezzy Life!” 

Our Latest Adventures

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