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Waiting for Hezzy….

After waving Hezzy off from Liverpool, we had a busy week getting the rest of the house packed up and into storage. We finally finished it at about 3am. We had planned to have a nice evenings rest and then set off for Heathrow at 4am, oh well, who needs sleep!! To keep us occupied… Read More »Waiting for Hezzy….

Packing for Hezzy Life

We’ve had a busy few weeks since finishing work trying to work out what essential (and probably a few non-essential) items we need to pack for the next 12 months. Did we manage to choose the right items? Can we fit them all into one small van called Hezzy? Watch to find out!

Hezzy’s Grand Tour

If you’ve been reading our blog then you already know about Hezzy, but may not know the full details of our planned adventures. For those we haven’t bored to death with the details, watch the video to find out exactly where we’re going!

Building Hezzy

After buying a brand new van we had to hand it over so that it could be transformed into a motorhome. The first thing that happened was holes were cut in it! Watch to see Hezzy in the various stages of her transformation. Thanks to Bruce and Dan at Camperworks for a fantastic job. Want… Read More »Building Hezzy