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First run with Hezzy – Lathkill Dale

This weekend (24th June 2023) was our inaugural trip out in Hezzy, and to celebrate the event I thought it was only right to go for a run on the local trails. The planned route was a simple 6 to 7 mile route from the campsite to one end of Lathkill Dale, follow the river and then climb out of the dale and return to Hezzy. That was the plan, however the reality was that it was an uphill struggle all most of the way. I for some reason I thought it was a good idea to start at the bottom and work my way up along the river, not thinking that it would be a 3 mile slow burner uphill route! This along with my cronic heel injury (still waiting for the X-Ray for a diagnosis of a Bone Spur or Bursitis) made this a bit of a toughie. The scenery was amazing, which led me to take a load of photos and video, some of which you can see on our Youtube channel, this of course meant the run took much longer than the hour planned.
I did try to cut the route short by climbing out of the dale half way, but came across a choice of paths, I took the one that looked more interesting as it followed the ridge. However this path also followed the whole ridge, and to make it worse, the path was right on the edge of the ridge. Making my fear of heights very real and as such reducing my run to a very timid walk. Eventually I reached the route out and set on my way to pick up the pace in an attempt to recover some time, the way back. In my haste I set off in what I thought was the right direction and came across a herd of cows who were lying on the grass and enjoying the sun (I can not remember if this means the weather will be good or not!). As they realised I was heading their way, they jumped up and started to be very interested in me. Fortunately I have seen many episodes of BBC Countryfile and in my best farmers voice I told them to Mooooooove out the way! Fortunately they soon became bored and went back to their busy lives chewing the cud, eventually I realised that I was way off the path, and made my way back to the correct way. All this meant that my run was much longer than planned and I eventually returned to Sarah and Hezzy 1hr 40 after I set off. I still had a good time even though my heel was as sore as anything and I spent the next few hours moping around feeling guilty!