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All About Jez

My Background

I left University with a degree in Electronics and Computer systems, and started working in the IT Support Industry and now work in a secondary school as a senior leader writing timetables. When I was younger, I had no thought of working in a school especially as my stammer was very prominent. It is interesting the path that life takes.

To get a break from work and to keep my weight in check, I run. I am at my happiest running gnarly trails and the longer the better (of course this is when I can’t be with Sarah), and if I can’t run due to an all too common injury, I am out on the bike.

Preparing for Hezzy Life


Like many people, Covid turned my thoughts to the fact that I should be spending more of my time enjoying living rather than working. When family and friends had health issues, including sadly, some unexpected early departures, it cemented my feelings that something needed to change. Working in a school is amazingly rewarding and there are so many opportunities, but one of my traits is that I can’t say no when someone needs help. This, along with a very long motorway commute, leads me to working late into the evening and weekends and not doing the things I want to be doing. It wasn’t an easy decision to resign, but one that I knew was right for me. However it was a bit of a surprise for my colleagues at work!

I still have sleepless nights, thinking if I made the right decision to resign, but I am sure I will come back to normality from this huge road trip with a new gusto for work. I just need to get the butterflies in line to help me along the way.