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Hezzy in the Canyonlands

After leaving the Natural Bridges, we expected to go straight to the Arches National Park, however, we found ourselves diverting to the Canyonlands National Park instead. Intrigued by the fact the park was in 4 sections – none of which were connected together, we decided we needed to check it out. As we’ve started to… Read More »Hezzy in the Canyonlands

Hezzy demands new oil

After travelling almost 18,000 miles in the USA, we had been keeping an eye on Hezzy’s oil level and topping up when needed. We had thought we would be able to get to Canada before needing to sort out an oil change. But no! Hezzy suddenly decided she needed an oil change immediately and introduced… Read More »Hezzy demands new oil

Hezzy gets snowed in

After escaping from the wild winds and horizontal snow in Wyoming, the wintery weather followed us to Colorado. It was time to see if Hezzy was as insulated as we hoped and whether the heated water tanks worked. However, despite the cold and the snowy weather, we still had to drive an hour to do… Read More »Hezzy gets snowed in